Bun in the oven

Dear Sweets,

Due to a soon to be due bun in the oven , we will no longer be taking anymore holiday orders this season. Orders are set to resume near Valentines Day and we will be sure to give you the heads up on our heart day specials! Until then we will be sharing local suggested treats that we enjoy along with kitschy local shopping for the Holiday Season.

❤ & Cupcakes,

The Sugar Dolls


Paws in the Park

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this years Day of the Cupcake has been canceled.


With that being said though we really want to encourage all of our clients and friends to attend Atlanta Pet Rescue’s Paws in the Park this Sunday!

Please click on the image to check out their site for information on Sunday.

Please click on the image to check out their site for information on Sunday.

Day of the Cupcake 2014 raffle sneak peak


Diamond Star Halo has been an amazing sponsor for Day of the Cupcake for a few years now & we always look forward to the just absolutely beautiful  sprinkles she donates to the day.  Well we got the goods the other day and had to share!

Thank you Diamond Star Halo for being such a rad Atlanta artist, as well as giving back to the community!

Please click here to check out the amazing stuff she has up for sale.

                                 Please click here to check out the amazing stuff she has up for sale.

5th Annual Day of the Cupcake

In anticipation of this years Day of the Cupcake we got to work with one of Atlanta’s great photographers, Mr. Ken Lackner.

He was generous enough to donate his expertise and eye in support of this years Charity by providing some great shots for visual collateral.

We have been gradually leaking out pictures from this shoot, but the full glory needs to be shared!

We asked Ken which of the images were his favorites from the cupcake eating crazy day and here is what he sent over!

Day of the Cupcake 41 Day of the Cupcake 40 Day of the Cupcake 39 Day of the Cupcake 38 Day of the Cupcake 37 Day of the Cupcake 36 Day of the Cupcake 35 Day of the Cupcake 34 Day of the Cupcake 33 Day of the Cupcake 32 Day of the Cupcake 31 Day of the Cupcake 30 Day of the Cupcake 29 Day of the Cupcake 28 Day of the Cupcake 27 Day of the Cupcake 26 Day of the Cupcake 25 Day of the Cupcake 24 Day of the Cupcake 23 Day of the Cupcake 22 Day of the Cupcake 21 Day of the Cupcake 20 Day of the Cupcake 19 Day of the Cupcake 18 Day of the Cupcake 17 Day of the Cupcake 14 Day of the Cupcake 13 Day of the Cupcake 12 Day of the Cupcake 11 Day of the Cupcake 10 copy Day of the Cupcake 09 Day of the Cupcake 08 copy Day of the Cupcake 07 Day of the Cupcake 06 Day of the Cupcake 05 copy Day of the Cupcake 03 copy Day of the Cupcake 2014

 Photos by: Ken Lackner Photography

Curation by: High Pulp Heart

Day of the Cupcake 2014 Date Announcement!

We have been absent for a while but it is warranted we promise! Getting geared up for this years Day of the Cupcake which will in fact be our 5th annual with our near and dear friends from Atlanta’s very own Sacred Heart Tattoo!  Can you believe that?!?  5 YEARS!  We will be announcing the selected charity soon soon soon and trickling out details as we get closer & closer to the affair.  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and don’t forget to mark the calendar!





This Gorgeous image was done by our sweet friend Ken Lackner, who will be doing an interview with us in the upcoming weeks leading to this Day of the Cupcake.  You may remember seeing some of his stunning images from last years Charity event which helped in raising money for Lost-N-Found Youth, a FANTASTIC  nonprofit serving Atlanta’s LGBT homeless youth.  Awesome Folks!



Here is one of Ken’s great shots from last years shin dig!

Click on the image to check out more of Ken’s great work!

Whimsical Wednesday *Aprons*

Today we wanted to whisk you away with Aprons.

 All of these have links to the sellers that are just one click away, just click on the image. ❤

There are so many apron options from sassy to sexy, which is your favorite?




We tend to lean towards the brighter colors especially for spring and summer time.


The Dark ones are just as fun though!


There is super Frilly


Then a little bit more tame.


Custom embroidery aprons.


❤ AND with Mothers Day this weekend we would REALLY like to point out the MOMMY & ME aprons ❤


There are even aprons for your DISHSOAP 🙂


So many many many types of aprons!  Which are your favorite?  Do you like them frilly or tame? personalized or maybe just solid?  Full form or just waist?

We were also curious what you guys prefer for Whimsical Wednesday?  Do you prefer ode to crafts or fancy fun product finds?  We can always just keep mixing it up!

Let us know!

Hope you are having a wonderful Whimsical Wednesday, and on that note here is our cute find of the week!


❤ & Cupcakes,

The Sugar Doll

Whimsical Wednesday * wrappers *

Cupcake Wrappers…  They come in an amazing array these days. Black , gold, filigree, glitter, artful cut outs, the types are endless.  You can honestly get a wrapper to fit any theme on any day of the year.  Here is our issue though.  Some times you  just don’t need ALL the wrappers that come in the package.  It’s kind of like Hot dogs and hot dog buns….



Here is the deal though, with extra hot dog buns you can make french bread for your sweetie the next morning. With Extra cupcake wrappers…. or in some cases crushed cupcake wrappers… We have found some really fun stuff to make these bad boys useful, or at least pretty.  Check it out!


Cupcake Wrapper light!  These are actually from Ikea's fun line of cupcake liners.  Brighten up any room!

Cupcake Wrapper lights! These are actually from Ikea’s fun line of cupcake liners. Brighten up any room!



OR you could get fancy with your cupcake wrapper lights and make;

Cupcake Wrapper FLOWER lights!  Perfect for a spring tea party!

Cupcake Wrapper FLOWER lights! Perfect for a spring tea party!


All you need is:

mini cupcake wrappers

Regular flower shaped cupcake wrappers ( or cut the edges of your own)

a string of lights

and a pair of scissors or exact o blade

Easy stuff to brighten up and get ready for those May flowers!

Another cool wrapper idea is;

Cupcake Wrapper Wreath! Made of foam core, paper plates, and you guessed it CUPCAKE WRAPPERS!

A Cupcake Wrapper Wreath! Made of foam core, paper plates, and you guessed it CUPCAKE WRAPPERS!


If your still intrigued by the sweet ceiling art…

mod-a-riffic sweet ceiling art made with cupcake wrappers

mod-a-riffic sweet ceiling art made with cupcake wrappers


If done with lanterns these could make some really excellent lighting for the studio or heck even your bedroom ❤

Maybe your really wanting to brighten up a friends day though… and just don’t have the full funds for a beautiful bouquet, NO worries!

Cupcake wrapper flowers

Cupcake wrapper flowers


If  I’m going being honest here though, these cupcake wrappers are so fancy and fun, I fully plan on incorporating them into my own bridal bouquet. It  does make the most sense.  So I look forward to sharing the fun and/or frustration that that provides and the final product once I’m done.  It’s going to have to wait a little bit though because I have asked friends and family to donate jewels and pearl like shiny things so that they are all a part of the ensemble and walking right down the aisle with me.

Hrm…  that’s right… I guess I should put that on here, this cupcake lady is getting MARRIED! ❤

With that big news out in the air and all these fun wrapper ideas that concludes our Whimsical Wednesday, but I wanted to leave you with this sweet fancy find I stumbled across today on Etsy

Cupcake Lights!!!  Click on the image which is linked straight to her shop! CUTE Stuff!

Cupcake Lights!!! Click on the image which is linked straight to her shop! CUTE Stuff!





Sweet fake cupcake pin up art

Sweet fake cupcake pin up art


All of these are by the same artist on Etsy,  and I’m  just in LOVE!

Happy Whimsical Wednesday, hope it’s sweet and filled with tasty treats

❤ & Cupcakes

The Sugar Doll

Whimsical Wednesday *Glitter*

So a while back we talked about how much we love love love glitter, and even gave a short tutorial on how to make your own edible glitter.  A few of our friends didn’t really want to put up with making the glitter and to be honest we don’t always have the time for that so we wanted to share with you some of our favorite edible glitter for your tasty treats along with some of our favorite fancy sprinkles.  We like to bling  up a cupcake like any lady does her self!  That being said along with edible glitter and sprinkles we wanted to show you some of our favorite finger bling inspirations we found to brighten up any April Shower day, and are fairly simple to do at your own home.

First and foremost to the Glitter!!!

Baby Pink Disco Dust by fancy flours

Baby Pink Disco Dust by fancy flours

Fancy Flours has some great great products that we use fairly often.  Not to mention it’s state side which gets you your glitters a lot sooner.  Just go to there site and click on your main color inspiration and that will take you to the much finer specific colors you like! Here is a gambit of their base colors, and I can’t think of any project that I would need anything that wasn’t in their inventory.


Gorgeous right!?!

There a few companies in the UK that we REALLY dig for edible glitter, just let us know if you would like to know who they are for your fancy glittering needs.

So before we skip to sprinkles lets talk about YOUR finger bling.  We will save our favorite jewelry finds for another day.  Today we are going to keep with some things that are easy to do to brighten up any of your days. (pssttt…   don’t think those pretty nails don’t make other folks smile too! )


Sweet A nice clear coat with a bit of pizzazz up top



Subtle  Nude coat with a less abrasive sparkly matte bottom nail.  Pretty Chic!

Nude coat with a less abrasive sparkly matte bottom nail. Pretty Chic!



Super Glitter Glam

Super Glitter Glam, For the girl who doesn’t mind taking the extra time and getting the double take

Which of these looks is your favorite?  Are you a fan of the matte to glitter contrast or do you like all shine and shimmer?

Alright onto some serious sprinkles…  most of these you can find at your local baking and/or craft stores we just wanted to share our favorite.  Before we do that though I think it’s only necessary the ultimate childhood inspiration is shared, so that you can understand maybe where some of our colorfulness comes from.  Without further ado….. THE ONE…..  THE ONLY…..


Making the world better with rainbows & star crystals (ahem sprinkles)!

That being said;


White Star Sprinkles

White Star Sprinkles



Gold Star Sprinkles

Gold Star Sprinkles



Silver Star Spinkles

Silver Star sprinkles






Happy Whimsical Wednesday!

Hope it’s filled with shine, shimmer and sweet things to eat!

❤ & Cupcakes,

The Sugar Doll

What do These Sugar Dolls do?


These Days there are a few things the dolls do;

first and foremost——————————————————————————CUPCAKES!

 and plan a charity event to raise FUNDS for local charity.  FUN being the big part of that word!  The money from our  cupcakes go towards most, if not all, to our joint annual local charity event with Sacred Heart Tattoo, “Day of the Cupcake” .  Day of the Cupcake is our way of saying We love you Atlanta, and we want to show it.  So we know no better way then to say eat cupcakes, have a blast, and let’s get our hands dirty!  Let’s help our neighbors because in the end we are all in this together.  At this point in the game the dolls do not make profit off of their specialty order cupcakes, only cover expenses.  The rest goes towards Day of the Cupcake.  The work, the fun, the SUGAR supply are all something that we do on our own.  The event is planned, curated, and has more amazing volunteers than we will ever be able to super star the way they deserve.  Be it big or little Atlanta has many of it’s very own super heroes and we have been privileged to get to work hand in hand with many of them.    We are really looking forward to this years event, and can’t wait to reveal the charity, theme, and fun to be had over the next few months.  Can’t wait to see you in October, until then



Love & Cupcakes,

The Sugar Dolls